Project Exhibited – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to complete all of the achievements in Project Exhibited, a free stealth game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Path(s) to Follow

You won’t be able to complete all of the achievements in a single session. You’ll need to do numerous runs, and knowing the map ahead of time will help a lot. As a result, the easiest strategy to handle your multiple runs is to:

  • Initial runs, where you familiarize yourself with the map and round up the easier achievements like the equipment-related ones.
  • Stealth pacifist run, no shock, no detection, no extra equipment run.
  • Speedrun. Finish the game under 1m40s.
  • Collectible run. If there are still some, go for other locked achievements.


You will always get this 2 achievements as long as you finish the game, no matter how you play it.

Welcome to the Exhibit

  • Start the game up for the first time.

A Heist to be Remembered

  • You managed to escape the mansion with one other fine addition to your collection, this will be a day to be remembered in history.


You will start only with your electric gloves. The goggles and noise maker must be found by making your way to the supply drops, marked with the crates with parachutes symbol on your screen.

Shocking development

  • Find out what happens when you use your gadget.

Approach a guard from behind, and while the gloves are equipped, use it to temporarily stun him.


  • Disable a camera.

Your electric gloves can temporarily disable cameras by finding their respective electric boxes. Use it on one.

Cold and Calculated

  • Finish the game with shocking at least one, but no more than five guards.

You must finish the level for this to unlock. Stun only 1-5 guards.

Femme Fatale

  • Shock more than 5 guards during a single mission.

Same as above, but shock 6 or more guards.

I Can See Everything

  • Use the goggles for the first time.

Find and equip the goggles. These will allow you to see through walls, marking guards and loots as well. They are located on a table on the roof.

Noise Complaint

  • Use the noise maker for the first time.

Find and use the noise maker. This device allows you to distract guards. It is found on a stone bench in the park, near the greenhouse-looking area.

Stealth-Pacifist Related

Master Thief

  • Steal the final objective and exit the level without being spotted by a guard or camera, and without using any gadgets (excluding stunning camera).

Basically the “ultimate” achievement in this run. No need to collect anything, just get the vase and escape. Using the gloves for stunning cameras are okay, but you shouldn’t stun guards.


  • Finish the game without getting detected.

Do not get spotted by guards and cameras. The alarm will always ring after you steal the vase, but don’t worry, this doesn’t count.


  • Finish the game without shocking any guards.

You can still use the gloves to stun cameras.

Taking a Stroll

  • Finish the game without sprinting.

Technically you can do this in any run, but sprinting makes you easier to detect. Not a big deal though since normally you move fast enough.



  • Complete the game within 100 seconds.

It’s not that hard since there is an easy direct path, so just run and try not to get caught. There’s not really much time, and if you succeed it will be very close. If you get caught, the timer resets to the time when you reach the last checkpoint, so don’t worry.

Important notes:

  • You can drop directly to the garden after the first crouch section. You must use this since the guard won’t move for a while.
  • When you reach the vase room, reload checkpoint or get caught. This will return the guards to their original positions.
  • There’s a “secret” shortcut on the roof where you can drop down and get very close to an exit. You must use this since there is not much time left.


News Flash

  • Collect all newspapers.

There are only 5 paper collectibles, 2 newspapers, a letter, and 2 equipment instructions. Not sure if only those 2 count or all 5, but it’s not a big deal to get all 5. The achievement unlocks after you finish the level.


  • You have collected all additional loot in the level.

Probably the hardest achievement in the game. There are additional loots, like loose money and items you can pick up. You must pick up all of them in a single run. Not sure if the papers count, but take them just to be safe. There’s another great guide with a video on it:

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