Project Lazarus – How to Activate Hyper Mode (Arctic Glacier Level)

In this guide I’ll show how you can activate the Hyper mode in the level “Arctic Glacier” without getting big trouble.

Guide to Activate Hyper Mode

Mech Setup

Choose Striker as mech to play.

Orders a large area of effect attack and deals 3 times the damage of current level. The base speed with a value of 6 is good enough and you have more health points due to 65 plating shield.

Striker allows you the following setup:

  • 1x main weapons
  • 6x support
  • 2x evo weapons
  • 2x side weapons

Weapon Setup

We are going to setup a short range build without getting fast movement. My weapon setup recommandation is the following:

1x Main weapons

Here you can’t change anything. There is only machine gun and this is already activated when you start with this mech.

2x evo weapons

You will fill both with Cosmic Guardian. This helps you to win close attacks and the are doing as evolution enough damage to hold out in critical moments.

2x Side weapons

Auto Turret are your choice here. You radius will be very low and they are effective on short distance.

5x support

The 6th slot is reserved already for the Striker-mech special feature “Court Martial”. 2 times “AI-Core” instead of “Damage support” should be fine too.

What else you need?

The “emergency shield” allows you more relaxed playing. 3 of them should be enough. If you have good reactions you can pass maybe without or at least less of them.

Additional I recommend the following already upgraded:

Both should affect your points. If you don’t have max level upgraded it will only affect your points for highscore.

To avoid any surprises by leveling you should have “Re-Roll” and “Skip”, which allows you to re-roll or skip if the “shop” offers you something else than the stuff above:

Strategy to Reach Hyper Mode + Video

Your main strategy is based on “power” and fast “levelling”. Speed isn’t that important since your mech has a reasonable base speed. You will use a small radius of walking. Your “auto turrets” will support with the damage against super-crabs, penguins and everything else. Trust them! The enemies will come very close.

The high damage you’ll get when you levelled up your “Cosmic Guardians” to evolution. In combination with the “auto turrets” and the “Court Martial” you have enough power to kick off all the enemys and the big amount of end boss opponents.

When the end bosses arrives try to keep kiting in a small radius and focus your machine gun on the end boss himself!

In the following video you can see how I’ve done this stage:

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