Project Lazarus – How to Reach Level 100 Easy

In this guide I am describing how you can easily reach level 100. A gameplay video shows you my strategy and how I made more than 50.000 points and a Top 10 Highscore entry.

Guide to Reach Level 100

Mech Setup

You will need play which Lazarus (the initial mech) which allows you the following setup:

  • 4 evo weapons.
  • 2 side weapons.
  • 2 main weapons.
  • 3 support tools.

The special feature of the Lazarus mech is an emergency shield: When health points hits zero , an emergency shield is generated to protect the mech for 3 seconds and restores 50 health points.

You don’t need additional emergy shield from you armory, but if you have it already you can play more relaxed.

Weapon Setup

Your main strategy is to pickup the most value of xp (the blue and yellow “coins” when an enemy died). You need to setup an short range build. My weapon setup recommandation is the following:

4x evo weapons

You will fill all slots with Cosmic Guardian.

2x Side weapons

Here you will install Auto Turret.

2xMain weapons

Since you have only one more main weapon a second machine gun is fine.

3x support

Instead of the “damage support tool” you can maybe use the “AI core tool” and it should work too. Pneumatics is absolutely necessary and the gravity-retractor makes it more easier.

What else you need?

Additional I recommend the following already upgraded:

Both should affect your points. If you don’t have max level upgraded in the recommendations you should also reach level 100, but your score won’t be a high score.

To avoid any surprises by leveling you should have these additional tools, which allows you to re-roll or skip if the “shop” offers you something else than the stuff above:

Strategy for Level 100 and Top High Score

You main aim is to get you mech fast and with the gravity tool. When you have the possibilty to pick a cosmic guardian you should use this a prefered option. Try to get as fast as possible a level 10 cosmic guardian for leveling up to evolution. When you have your 4 x evolution cosmic guardians gameplay should be easy.

When the end boss (3 big guys) spawns you should avoid to kill them and have try kill as much as possible regular mobs. When you are lucky you can clean the complete field!

In the following video I show the gameplay of all the described strategy where I made a TOP 10 entry in Grasslands with the first try:

Have fun watching!

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