Project Playtime – How to Unlock the New Map

Please note: all credit goes to FZ_Wowa !

New Map

  • Install Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker.
  • Open Project Playtime and host a game.
  • Open UUUClient.exe (Universal Unreal Engine).
  • Select Project Playtime as the process that should be the dll injected in.
  • Now it should look like this:
  • Press “Inject DLL”
  • Switch to the Project Playtime tab.
  • Press the key that is in your Configuration (I recommend using the Comma).
  • Type in Streammap 0_Main_RecycleMill

You did it!

Now you’re playing the new map:

Note: The other players map icons will show the map you had chosen first. They will notice only 2 things while being in the waiting area:

  • There will be a blue fog around them.
  • Their host will be missing.

So if you enter a game with a blue fog in the waiting area, that game will have this beta map.

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  1. Hey, you’ve copied my guide, but i see that you didnt even tried it out because then you would notice that it is unplayable – the monster cant drag downed survivors to the holes

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