Project Warlock – How to Enable Continue (Hardcore Mode)

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This guide will teach you how to enable the “Continue” option in Hardcore mode. This will not disable achievements.

Guide to Enable Continue (Hardcore Mode)


In this guide you will learn how to edit the game save file to activate the “Continue” option in the main menu. This will not stop you from getting achievements.

Find the Save File Folder

To find the save file follow the path according to your system.


  • C:\Users[PC USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Buckshot Software\Project Warlock\Steam[USER ID NUMBER]

You can also use the shortcut “WinKey + R” and paste the code below and open the folder with your Steam ID Number.

  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Buckshot Software\Project Warlock\Steam\


  • /steamapps/compatdata/893680/pfx/

Edit the Save File


Start your game on HARD difficulty, finish the first level and exit to the main menu. If “Continue” appears at the top, close the game and follow the instructions to edit the save file.


Inside the folder with your Steam Id Number there is a file named “gamesave”, open it with Notepad.

Look for where it says “Difficulty” and change number on the “Value” to 2. It will look like this:


Save and close. Now you can play in Hardcore with continue and get all achievements.

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