Project Zomboid – Food Items for Nomad Run

Which Food Items to Use for Nomad Run

Canned Food

It does not spoil unless opened though it can be hard to find, I mostly do my food hunting in houses and if i’m feeling brave enough shops gas stations have alot of non perishables and candy.

I only clear out areas if I intended to be staying there for an extended period of time or i’m trying to level a particular stat for sure clear out the area you eventually make home last thing you want is to get stressed or queasy from them or attacked when you are unprepared.

Dried Goods

You can make Soups and Stews with beans. Bring along some fishing gear and whenever you find yourself near water you have some good meals.

Rice and Pasta make for some good calorie dense fillers for meals.

Also they just help in meal variety.

General Tips

Being a nomad, you won’t clear out an area of all its food normally, take what you need and encumber lightly. Space is limited with nomad. But you are an RV nomad king, so you will have much much more storage space and can take more food than a foot wanderer or even a car dweller.

You can stay or move on at any time, its your game so play it how you want. You can put stipulations on your game play if you want. “must move every third night after the moon is half way round.” or “every time I see a long glove zombie girl, I must move camp” or “can’t ever sleep in a town or i must random draw a town to move to.” That’s all up to you. Move when you want. Move when your role play in your head says time to skedaddle.

Suggestion of dried beans, pasta and rice for soups and stews paired with fish and maybe some trapping (if stick around an area long enough) is good info. throw in some lard or butter for fatty fat fat. oils and pastes are spices and add on calorie count.

The RV space you gain is like a mini mobile base for your nomad king and those heavy dried beans will be a valuable item to carry. They are packed with calories, but too heavy for a foot soldier with just a pack.

Written by Shady Allie

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