PROMOD – How to Change Hidden Graphics Settings

I have discovered that the settings available in the previous playtests are still accessible through a config file called ‘GameUserSettings.ini’.


The in-game graphics settings are very limited for whatever reason, and I have discovered that the settings available in the previous playtests are still accessible (As with many other unreal engine games) through a config file called ‘GameUserSettings.ini’.

  • This file can be found at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Promod\Saved\Config\WindowsClient.

To navigate here using the windows explorer, you may need to change the ‘Hidden Items’ checkbox found in the explorer’s view tab to be ON.

The values found within the [Scalability Options] category are the ones that we had in the menu in previous versions. Changing these values from 3 to 0 will set them to low. This has an effect on the game’s lighting and shading, among other things. You should notice these changes in game and enjoy a significant FPS increase after making these changes.

Extra Notes

I discovered this by accident upon resetting my settings to default and noticing a graphics quality increase afterwards. It would seem that if you had your settings on low in previous playtests, that this has carried over by default. For those new to the playtest, these settings will be set to the value ‘3’ automatically and must be changed manually.

It is also worth noting that the settings used in the current build can be found in another file in the same folder called ‘PromodSettings.ini’. this includes your binds, resolution etc. I have not tested whether the resolution set in ‘GameUserSettings.ini’ or ‘PromodSettings.ini’ takes priority. It is notable that it seems possible to achieve a stretched resolution or any other resolution than those applied in-game by using these configs, though I haven’t played around with this too much.

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