Prop and Seek – Basic Guide (Movement Controls and Treasure Chest Codes)

Prop and seek is a hide and seek game which up to 32 players take turns to hide or seek. You can be a prop to hide or be a hunter to find all hidden props.

Guide to Basics

Basic Settings

  • Press Enter to CHAT
  • Press TAB to view Scoreboard
  • Press ESC for Main Menu
  • To Move: WASD
  • To Jump: SPACEBAR
  • To Double Jump: SPACEBAR TWICE

Hunter Key Settings

  • To Crouch: CTRL
  • To Shoot: Left Click
  • To Reload: R
  • To Zoom In/Out of Sniper’s Scop: Right Click
  • To Enable Jetpack Mode: Shift (Game License is required)
  • For ShotGun Press 1 (Deals 8 Self-Damage on Miss)
  • For Sniper Press 2 (Deals 20 Self-Damage on Miss)
  • For Pistol Press 3 (Deals 3 Self-Damage on Miss)
  • For Knife Press 4 (Deals Only 1 Self-Damage on Miss, use it to find whether something is a prop or not and use a gun to finish it off)
  • For Rocket Launcher Press 5 (Game License is required)
  • For Grenade Press 6 (Game License is required)

Prop Key Settings

  • Navigate To a Place you would like to stay and then RIGHT CLICK To FREEZE.
  • Then Press F to activate FREECAM And Take a look at the Hunters and other Props.
  • Then Navigate to another Prop And Press T to receive 20 Gold and GIVE that prop (Player) a THUMBS UP.

Treasure Chests

  • There are Three Treasure Chests as of me writing this Guide and are associated with 3 achievements.
  • Type ‘Fun’ (without quotations) in the box in lobby to get a Treasure Chest and the achievement ‘Enthusiast’.
  • Type ‘Treasure Hunter in the Rye’ (without quotations) in the box in lobby to get a Treasure Chest and the achievement ‘Treasure Hunter’.
  • Play Custom Matches and Reach level 3 to unlock Competitive. Then Play your first Competitive game to get another Treasure Chest and the achievement ‘Competitor’.

Thanks for reading, Have Fun!

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