PUBG: New State – Electric / Gasoline Vehicles Guide

In this quick tutorial, we will show you some useful information about electric / gasoline vehicles.

Electric / Gasoline Vehicles

  • Batteries are used to power electric vehicles.
  • With their boost, they can accelerate faster than gasoline vehicles, but this quickly depletes battery power.
  • The battery is quickly depleted when driving in the Blue Zone.
  • While driving, EVs are quieter than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

How to Use the Trunk

  • “Move to Trunk” is activated when you open your inventory while driving.
  • By dragging and dropping items into the trunk, you can get them there faster.
  • When you are in or near a car, the trunk button is activated.
  • By tapping the corresponding icon, you can take an item from the trunk.

How to Open Car Door

  • When you tap the “Door” button near a car, it opens a door behind which you can take cover while fighting.
  • After a certain amount of damage, the door will break.

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