PUBG: New State – How to Join a Match

In this guide, we will show you how to join a Custom Match / Normal Match.

How to Join a Custom Match

  1. Tap [SETTINGS] on the lobby screen.
  2. Tap [CUSTOM MATCH].
  3. Tap [JOINED] on a created match.
  4. Move to an empty slot and ready up for the match

You can participate by tapping the group you belong to. (Example: If you belong to 2-2, tap the second slot of Team 2)

Slots differ for Solo/Squad Modes.

The survey will be conducted separately on PC. The survey will not be available through the lobby UI.

How to Join a Normal Match

  1. Tap [START] on the lobby screen.
  2. The match will start when at least 5 players queue up. (When the wait time surpasses 10 minutes, the match will start and ignore the minimum player count requirement).
  3. If you want to leave an ongoing match, you can join the next match by going to [SETTINGS] → [GO TO LOBBY] → [CUSTOM MATCH].
  4. You can set up in-game voice chat by tapping the button.

Go to [CUSTOM MATCH] from the on-going match to make sure the test goes smoothly.

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