PUBG: New State – How to Report Players

Some people in the PUBG: New State community have misunderstandings about how the report system works. This page contains instructions on how to use the report function as well as other useful information concerning the report system.

How Can I Report Someone?

I want to report a player using illegal software

Developers want the PUBG: New State play experience to be fair and fun for everyone.

Devs work hard to restrict the use of illegal software in the game, but if you think you’ve found a player using illegal software during game, please report in the following manner:

Report Form

  1. Player’s Nickname
  2. When did you find the player cheating/using illegal software
  3. What did they do wrong?: e.g) use of illegal software
  4. Evidence of violation (screenshot or video evidence)

Devs will investigate whether the player you have reported has used illegal software.

Please understand devs are not able to provide the results of investigation.

How do I report players using bad language?

To report a player using bad language, please attach a screenshot of the bad language when you submit a ticket to devs.

Devs will investigate the account and take appropriate action if necessary.

Please understand developers are not able to provide the results of investigation.

Report form for use of Bad Language

  1. Player’s Nickname
  2. When it occurred
  3. Evidence of bad language (screenshot or video evidence)

Please note that false reports may lead to action being taken against your account, according to rules of conduct.

I want to report a bug/error during game play

If you have experienced a bug or error during game play, please feel free to use the in-game report button or report it to New State Support.

Devs will investigate and provide a solution quickly.

If possible, please provide a screenshot or video evidence of your issue when submitting a ticket to devs. This really helps investigate the issue more accurately.

Please note that developers are unable to provide the progress of investigation.

What happens to player who violate rules? (Use of illegal software, abnormal behavior etc.)

PUBG: New State takes action in accordance with the rules of conduct if any violation of the terms of use is found. This can range anywhere from a warning to a permanent ban.

When any external program or external device that is not officially supported affect PUBG: New State or modulates app files, it is detected by the security system and may result in a permanent restriction of the account.

PUBG: New State Rules of Conduct


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