PUBG: New State – Installing and Running FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about installing and running PUBG: New State.

Installing and Running FAQ + Problem Solutions

Download/install won’t work.

Please follow these steps if you’re experiencing any issues with installing/running PUBG: NEW STATE.

Check your network connection (Wi-Fi/Data)

  • If set to “Download only on Wi-fi”, the game will not download when connected to data
  • Depending on your connection, there could be a delay or this feature may not be supported

Check for free space on your mobile device

After following the above steps, please try installing the latest version from Google Play/Appstore.

Game won’t run

During server maintanence, you cannot run the PUBG: NEW STATE application.

You can check maintanence schedules on devs official communities.

If the game doesn’t run even when there’s no server maintanence, please follow the steps below.

Steps to resolve application running issues

  1. Delete all unnecessary applications and data from your mobile device
  2. Check your OS verison and update to latest version if possible
  3. Check your network (Wi-Fi/data) connection
  4. Reboot your mobile device

If the problem persists, please remove PUBG: NEW STATE completely from your mobile device and try installing it again when you’re connected to a strong Wi-fi/data network.

(Please note that if you’re using a guest account, information will be lost once you remove the game from your mobile device.)

If the issue persists, please contact NEW STATE Support along with the model name of your mobile device and the OS version.

  1. Model name of your mobile device, OS version
  2. When did the issue first happen
  3. Region

Game won’t update

The game may not update if you are connected to an unstable network or when there’s insufficient storage space on your device.

Free up space

  • Delete cookies and unnecessary apps

Check your network (Wi-Fi/data) connection

  • The game may not update if you are connected to an unstable network

If the issue persists even when you’re connected to a strong network, please contact devs with the following information.

  1. Model name of your mobile device, OS version
  2. Type of network connection (Wi-Fi/data)
  3. When did the issue first happen
  4. Region :
  5. Wi-Fi / mobile carrier

Update message is not displayed (iOS)

Please follow the steps bellow if the update message is not displayed.

Updating manually

  1. Press the ‘Update’ button on the bottom right corner of your Appstore
  2. Press the ‘Update’ button next to the PUBG: NEW STATE app icon

Update message is not displayed (Android)

Please follow the steps bellow if the update message is not displayed.

  1. You can update after searching for [PUBG: NEW STATE -> Select App] on Google Play Store.
  2. If you cannot resolve the problem with the above method, please try again after the following: [Settings -> Application -> Google Play Store -> Storage -> Delete Cache].

Game crashes

There are multiples reasons why a game can crash. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off all applications running in the background, apart from PUBG: NEW STATE
  2. Check the version of your OS and update to latest version if necessary
  3. Check your network (Wi-Fi/data) connection
  4. Change the graphic settings on PUBG: NEW STATE
  5. Clear your game cache: [Settings -> select ‘PUBG: NEW STATE’ -> Storage -> Clear all data and cache]

There’s no sound

When there’s no ingame sound, check for devices connected via bluetooth.

Checking your sound settings

  1. Go to [Settings] -> [Audio] and check if all settings are correct
  2. If the sound is muted, there will be no ingame sound

Check for connected bluetooth devices

  • Please check if you have any devices connected via bluetooth.

Voice chat doesn’t work

If your microphone doesn’t work ingame, please check the following.


  • Settings -> Apps -> PUBG: NEW STATE -> App Permissions -> Allow “Microphone”


  • Settings -> PUBG: NEW STATE -> Access “Microphone”

Ingame Settings

  • Please check if the mic/speaker options have been enabled in your ingame settings.

I don’t want to receive push notifications

You can turn off push notifications by:


  • Settings -> Apps -> PUBG: NEW STATE -> Noritifications -> Untick Show notifications


  • Settings -> Notification Center -> PUBG: NEW STATE -> Notifications -> Turn off all notifications

The above information may vary depending on your mobile device.

Mobile devices gets too hot and drains my battery

Devs are always working to improve the stability of the game so that players can enjoy PUBG: NEW STATE on a wide variety of mobile devices.

To prevent your mobile device from heating up and consuming additional battery, go to: [Settings -> Graphics] and please choose “Medium” or “Lite” graphic settings.

Lowering the FPS also helps when mobile devices get too hot and drain your battery.

Please note that the consumption of your battery may vary depending on your device and gameplay conditions.

What are the minimum device specs for PUBG: New State?

  • Please read the Minimum Requirements for Mobile Devices.

A pop-up message is shown on my screen.

If the pop-up message saying ‘”Cannot connect to the server”, “Unstable connection. Please restart the game.” keeps showing up, please send devs a screenshot and your device information through NEW STATE Support to identify and confirm the cause.

Inquiry form

  1. Nickname
  2. Version of your OS
  3. Device model
  4. Inquiry Type
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