PUBG: New State – Troi Map: New Features & Points of Interest

Troi Map: Points of Interest

Trailer Park

Packed with mobile homes for rent, the Trailer Park offers lots of great cover to move through.


The Factory was where the trams operating across Troi were built. Inside the facilities are trams and manufacturing robots that still are still working even today.


The Lab is a huge research complex featuring a remarkable robot statue at its entrance. There are various routes from the rooftop down to the first or second floor for you to choose from.

At the center of the Lab is the reading room with a special gimmick that triggers an alarm upon access.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall is a landmark where small booths and large exhibit areas are set up.

Due to its three-story structure and unique design, your options and strategies will differ depending on what part of the Exhibition Hall you drop into.


As an area where the police station is located, Chester is viewed as the core of Western Troi with strategic importance for players.


Vermont is a luxury community populated with lavish, expensive homes.

The Mall

The Mall is a large commercial building that housed many different shops that sold a variety of products, including restaurants and perfume shops.

Through the glass structure on the rooftop, you can see everything down below in the Mall itself, giving you some insight into what awaits you inside.

City Hall

Now deserted, the City Hall was once the heart of Troi.

Even now, after the city has been cut off from the rest of the world, there are many traces of people living here, creating a unique atmosphere.


Troi’s Graveyard doesn’t even begin to hold all of its dead, but the headstones and statues in it do at least provide enough cover to prevent you from joining them.


The Garrison is the area where the military base is located. The buildings and the tall fences that surround them clearly show that military forces were stationed here in the past.

Troi Map: Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

New electric vehicles of 2051 have been added to Troi!

These electric vehicles are much quieter than gasoline cars.

They can also accelerate faster when their boost is used, but be careful! This will drain your battery much more quickly.

Driving inside the Blue Zone also depletes the battery rapidly, so keep this in mind when choosing your getaway vehicle.

EV Types and Number of Seats:

Nova: [2 seats]

Lightning: [2 seats]

Volta: [4 seats]

EV-AX: [2 seats]

Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline vehicles have also been added to Troi!

GV Types and Number of Seats:

Vrion/Vrion-T: [4 seats]

Vulture: [2 seats]

Waverider: [6 seats]

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