Pupperazzi – Basic Starters Guide

Guide to Basics for Beginners

The Map

When choosing an area from the map screen, note there will be a small orange icon bottom right of the time of day you are wishing to choose, click any of the orange icons related to the time of day to have main/side missions to be tasked with, if a time of day doesn’t have an icon, you’re just going in casually

Doing missions will give you a chance to earn followers and sometimes Bonks/GoldenBones, optionally, in the areas you explore, you can find them as well, the city level has the most in terms of quantity, in case you wish to farm for them

Vendor Machines and Shop

Vendor Machines are primarily used to get toys in which you’ve unlocked by finding them in bubbles throughout the levels, once you find one in a bubble, it will pop up in the vendor machines and if you click on it within the vendor machine it will give a tooltip as to what it does, some have unique effects that affect how a dog reacts to it

The second part of a vendor machine is to buy camera parts/films to upgrade your experience for all your camera based needs

You can use the shop from the vendor machines, this is recommended, you can go to the shop on the map screen but it’s a little too tedious as it requires you to travel to it, then it opens, whereas the vendor machine is quickly accessible from within a level.

Puppypedia Completionists Heads Up

You’ll want to make sure any photos you wish to be saved in the Puppypedia are in your camera when leaving an area, if you recycle them or even save them as favorites, they don’t get added.

I was confused as some of the photos I had taken for missions and such, kept having to recycle them to meet requirements as some tasks were a bit too specific but sometimes wouldn’t complete either, but remembered I had taken photos of the same exact things previously, but I found this out by experience.

I got stuck on the side task, Mellowstone for a bird and a dog while the dog wanted to be there, I tried playing with a disc, radio & even a ball, but it seems most tasks end up just petting the dog, but I feel it should be okay and be accepted if the dog is playing or dancing as per the radio.

A common question asked: How can I get a dog to perform/act a specific way, some of the toys provide a specific benefit that comes with a dogs reaction to said toy, if you view any of the items in vending machines, the items come with a tooltip when selecting one.

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