Pupperazzi – Useful Tips and Tricks

This guide contain some useful info about the Pupperazzi’s gameplay. Warning! There might be spoilers!

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

How can I see the Puppypedia?

  • Go home on the map screen, there you can view the gallery of your favorite photos, or puppypedia progress.

Take a photo of a hotdog

  • Be ready to take pictures and put the hotdog in the water of the cave, just in front the little boat.
  • Then, take some photos, 2 or 3.
  • You”ll see a “Nessy” in the water, behind the little boat. The monster is the key!

Note: It’s not a weiner dog, you need an actual hotdog, there’s food stand at one of the cave entrances, you can interact with it to get hotdogs and hamburgers.

A dressed up dog with a pail

  • Docks level, near the sandcastles you should be able to find a bucket, use it with a dog while of course it’s dressed up.

How to open the strange alien’s door

  • There should be an item nearby or in the level that you can interact with, take it to the door and it will open, it’s unique, so you’ll know when you find it.

Secret tree dog (find in Mutropolis)

  • You have to get to the top of the trees in the park. there is at least one small area you can double jump and get into the trees.

How to get “cool party hat”, the “cozy sweater” and the “frog hat”?

  • You can put them on the dogs once you unblock the “dress dog” feature pressing F on one of them.

Note: If you have multiple items on a dog for dressing up, I’ve noticed the game can’t differ between them which topic you are taking a photo of, so to complete the puppypedia, I suggest taking a photo of just the 1 item that way it’s a 100% sure shot to be the correct photo, of course avoiding necessary reactions and other dogs in the picture.

Old timey photo of astronauts at the flag on the moon

  • Use the basic black and white filter and regular lens. Example:

Ultimate old timey photo

  • If you click on the blue text box which describes the quest, it will show a second lot of text. I did finally get it to work; I made sure I was on the Basic Black & White film and the Starter Lens, put it in portrait mode, made sure I got a dog on its own – no food, no skateboard, no other dogs, no clothes – right in the centre, and finally managed to get it. So yeah; the quest is a plain black and white photo of a single dog. If you’re standing up you can get it with mostly ground in the background, reducing the chances of getting a toy or some food or another dog.

Get an objective to figure out / find the strange presence in the woods (canyon)

  • Hint: Take pictures of the entire area, not just the tree area, something is well “hidden”.

Spoiler: Ghost dog on the upper ledge left of the waterfall when looking at it, it’s invisible and can only be seen via taking the picture and viewing the photo, otherwise you will never see it physically.


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