Putt-Putt Travels Through Time – How to Fix Zooming / Aspect Ratio Issue

Some users have experienced “zooming issues” or “cropping issues”; this guide aims to give a solution to fix this, and to give those who are inquisitive a tool to find more ways to solve it.

Guide to Fix Zooming / Aspect Ratio Issue


  1. Right click on the game in your library: manage; browse local files.
  2. Head into “ScummVM_Windows”.
  3. Open “scummvm-[nameofgame].ini (Should just open in notepad.

The easiest solution for me was just to change the second line (under [scummvm]):


The next time I launched the game, it appeared as a (much smaller) window without any zooming or cropping, and at the original aspect ratio.

To get it fullscreen again, I just clicked on “Maximise” in the top right hand corner of the screen; this caused the game to run at full screen with some black bars at the side (and the exit button at the top) but with the full game displayed and playable!

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