QbQbQb – How to Obtain Teamwork Achievement in Solo

This is a short and concise guide to get the “Teamwork” achievement on your own, no friends needed. Revel in your loneliness for you will surpass the need for another human beng after reading this guide!

Teamwork Achievement Guide (for People with No Friends)

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  • Beat 200 score in co-op mode.


The Teamwork achievement is the rarest and probably the hardest achievement to get in QbQbQb. All the other achievements in the game are rather straightforward and can be obtained rather easily, you’ll just need to get rather good at the game, which is not a problem anyway.

However, the achievement this guide focuses on would require, theoretically, two players to be obtainable, and given that the game only allows for local co-op, you’d either need a second person playing the game next to you (assuming you have friends, which you probably don’t, I mean, you’re playing this rather obscure game and trying to get this achievement…) or using Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, which seemingly doesn’t work for this game and even then, it can be a bit buggy, slow or laggy.

I’ll give you a rather simple explanation on how to get this achievement all by yourself. All you’re going to need is a keyboard and two hands. I am so sorry if you’re crippled.

World and Game Mode

You’ve got multiple ways to get this achievement, you can use any game mode and any world you want, in fact, I personally used Agnesis in Stack Three game mode to get the achievement before finding what probably is the easiest method:

Now, I don’t recommend using the Stack Three difficulty, instead, you should use the Match Three difficulty, and probably in Agnesis since I believe this is the world with the lowest block falling speed. Alternatively, you can use any other world, but I haven’t really tried it with all of them so I can’t tell if any other is easier than Agnesis, but you can feel free to experiment if you want.

The main reason you’ll be choosing the Match Three difficulty is because you will be able to tell both players apart while still not having a challenge as hard as that of Mirror game mode. In the two harder game modes one of the players will have their block highlighted as seen here:

This does not happen in Stack Three game mode, which will lead to confusion:

Another reason why the Match Three difficulty is superior is because both players move their blocks clock-wise, unlike Stack Three, where only one player moves blocks clockwise.

So, with the world and game mode being optimal, we can get to the actual strategy to get the achievement with relative ease, just by yourself.

Getting the 2000 Points

So, the first thing that’s important to know is that Player 1 uses the WASD keys, while Player 2 uses the Arrow Keys. You can’t use a gamepad nor the mouse in coop mode, at least it didn’t work in my attempts. Second important thing is that Player 2 controls the highlighted blocks. Finally, both players move their block clock-wise, however, the controls can be rather clunky at times and the game may confuse instructions from both players, leading to only one player being able to move their block in a certain direction, but you can work around this.

Now, in regular gameplay the W/Up Key causes the game to go into slow motion, but in coop this causes the game to just shrink the world, giving you more time to place your blocks. It’s not as good as slowmo but this will be very important to get the 2000 points easily, because, unlike singleplayer, the world can be kept as small as possible throughout the entire time you play. Here’s a comparison between an unshrinked world and a fully-shrinked world:

The blocks still spawn at the same height, but take longer to fall, giving you extra time to move them around.

Now, as soon as the game starts you’ll want to press the W/Up Key (whichever is most comfortable) and keep it pressed for the entire duration of this ordeal. With this extra reaction time you can begin letting blocks fall and move them around. The easiest way to prevent the screen from filling with blocks everywhere and causing you to lose lives is to manage each player one at a time: first you’ll want to move Player 1, then move Player 2 as it falls. It is much easier to do it one player at the time to prevent the game from overlapping inputs and since it is much easier to keep track of the blocks this way.

It is also good practice to try not to make clusters of different colors too close to each other; try to stack blocks and prevent creating clusters of multiple colors if possible. The key to getting the 2000 points is to keep the world as clean of blocks as possible, since it becomes much easier to track what’s on screen and react accordingly.

With some practice, you should be able to get the 2000 points with relative ease, and that’s pretty much the entire strategy; just keep the Up/W key pressed and try to play the game normally.

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