Raft – Expert Gatherer Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

This is a short guide to get the Expert Gatherer achievement for 5k hooked items in a few minutes.

How to Obtain Expert Gatherer Achievement Easy


  • Hold the position of your raft with an anchor.
  • Get a full inventory of 20 or 30 stack items.
  • Throw out the items 1 item at a time, splitting with right mouse.
  • Unequip your backpack and fill you inventory with tools or non stackable items.
  • Hook the items dropped out.

With a full inventory this will drop out the items again in the same state you hooked them, so if you dropout 5*5*20 (=500) items (Inventory + Backpack) 3*5*20 (=300) if you don’t have a backpack, you should be able to get the achievment with a few hooks.


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