Raft – How to Kill Bruce / The Shark (Efficiently)

This is a guide on how to kill that annoying beast that always is destroying your raft.


All credit goes to 『 Little 』⌈908⌋ !

First of all you will need a spear, preferably a metal one, a metal spear deals twice as much damage as the wooden one. You can also use a machete or a bow if you have them unlocked.

Weapon / Damage

  • Wooden Spear – 5
  • Metal Spear – 10
  • Machete – 15

Before The Fight

You may want to equip flippers if you have some available, if not that is totally fine. Another thing is that you should probably anchor your raft or get your raft stuck on an island, this will keep the raft in place during fighting Bruce.


Once you are ready for the battle, dive into the water. The first thing you want to do after that is do a 360 around to see where Bruce is at. Once you’ve located Bruce wait until he gets almost right up to you. If you are using a machete wait until he gets few meters away instead, since there is about a second delay between you clicking and the weapon swinging.

Now Bruce will run away before he attacks again. Before you let him run away though try to no-clip inside of Bruce and keep moving inside of him, this will give you a few extra hits on Bruce before he outruns you.

During the time Bruce runs away from you, there is a small period of time just enough to resurface and refill your oxygen. It is important to note that you will have to be not too deep in the ocean if you want to reach the surface before Bruce attacks you again.

Once you have repeated the process enough times Bruce will die rewarding you with 4 shark meat and a shark head. You will have about a total of 3 minutes before Bruce respawns.

Other Tips Involving Bruce

  • The Wooden Spear will require 3 hits on Bruce before he stops biting your raft.
  • The Metal Spear will require 2 hits for Bruce to stop biting your raft.
  • The Machete will only require 1 hit for Bruce to stop biting your raft.
  • Bruce will not follow you into story buildings.
  • Shark meat is one of the best if not the best source of constant food in Raft.
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