Raft – How to Play on the Story Islands

The best part about having story islands are the loot. Find out how to play the story islands using this guide!

Guide to Play on the Story Islands


You’ve likely heard of (and seen) the new story islands. But how do you go to the islands? This guide will explain to you how to get to the islands and beat the game.

Get a Receiver

Unfortunately for those who wish to go to the story islands immediately, you’ll have to wait until you can get a receiver. You can get this by going into the research table and getting the supplies to research the receiver. Once you have it crafted, create a platform at least two walls up from the floor of your raft. Place the receiver up onto the platform. Also get three antenna to place around at least two walls up from the floor of your raft as well. Once you have these placed, you can get yourself a battery and insert it into the receiver.

Learn to Use the Receiver

The receiver can be used to locate large islands and story islands. When you turn it on, you can see many blue dots throughout the receiver. These represent islands. The distance below the dots tell you how far you are from the island. Your raft is represented as the middle of the +. The islands positions depend on which way your receiver is facing. if you look towards the top area of the receiver screen, then you can see islands in front of the receiver. Islands on the left side of the screen are to the left of the receiver, etc. This all sounds complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy.

How to Locate a Story Island

You may have noticed the number on part of the receiver. This number is like a code; depending on what number you put, you will get directions to the nearest island that the code is linked to. But how?

You may have also noticed the weird circle, which seems to be locked on to by corners of squares.

The number that is currently on the receiver is an automatically put in code, which locks onto the first Story Island. You can head towards the locked on circle to get to your first Story Island.

Once you are there, you can collect notes which will be read aloud to you. You can use these to figure out the story the previous rafters left behind.

To get to the next island, flip open the tutorial book by pressing “t”. You should see a bookmark on the left side of the pages that has the name of the next island and a four digit code. If you don’t see the third bookmark that has appeared, re-climb the tower and make sure you collected everything, especially all the notes. Once you are done, head back to your raft and put the new four digit code into your receiver. You can do this again and again until you’ve explored all the story islands.


If you can’t find the post-it notes with the code to the next island on it, just go to the last room. Make sure you are fully done on the island, though!

Bring a friend. Sometimes it’s hard to go and beat the islands alone.

Get good gear. Make sure you’ve traded up to level two so you can get a foundation counter.

Once you’ve researched the engine (Note: You need a blueprint!), use your foundation counter. For every 100 foundations you have, add one engine to your raft (Ex: if I have 300 foundations, I need three engines).

Take stops in-between islands. I didn’t do this a couple of times, and I ran short on resources.

Make an L shape with collection nets. This’ll ensure that whichever direction you go, you get all the loot.

Get a fishing rod and fish while on your way to the next island. I find fishing the most efficient way of getting food.

The islands are big! Clear most of your inventory for loot, and only bring the essentials. (Water bottle, weapon, food)

Once you get the recipe for a machete, ditch the spears! Machetes are much better.

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