Raft – How to Skip the Windmill Platforms in Utopia

This is a very quick guide to explain how to bypass the spinning windmill platforms in the Utopia mission.

Guide to Skip the Windmill Platforms in Utopia

The Goal

The spinning windmill platforms are not a fun feature for many of us Rafters, so finding a way to shortcut the challenge is an appealing way to complete the campaign. Unfortunately the Alpha Hyena is not as easily killed.

The Pathing

I will upload photos when I go back to Utopia. I have linked a video with the relevant sections at 24 and 54 min (I think, check the description if I’m wrong).

Start at the beginning of the Windmill platforms.

Jump onto the nets and keep to the right hand side. You will be able to get to a small circular roof section. Jump on it then jump to the next net section.

At this point you should see the two counterweights that move the platform with the cogwheels.

Jump on either counterweight. Then look up and place the pointer on the handle to raise the counterweight and jump while pressing F (or E if you use the default key). It may take a jump or two straight up but it is reachable.

Then, make sure to jump onto the platform before the counterweight reaches the end of its lift. If you stay standing on it you will be pushed off at the top of the cycle.

Hope this makes sense and keeps you Rafting!

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