Raft – O Captain! My Captain!? Achievement Save File

Here is a save file which starts the player anchored off the Boat Island because frankly this achievement is bs and took ages to get.

Save File of the O Captain! My Captain!? Achievement


All you should have to do is pop off the raft and jump on the little boat on the island then poof brand new achievement for you!

I also have 5 beehives set up and another 5 in a box next to a recycler if you wanted the “Bee Keeper!” achievement as well

Save File

By default, save files are located here:

  • C:\Users[your username here]\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft\User\User_[your Steam User ID here]\World

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    • The achievement is to “Reach Captain’s Island” its an island that has a 2% chance spawn rate when a small island is rendered. I got the achievement when I walked onto the small shipwrecked boat on the island itself

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