Ranch Simulator – Car Teleports Bug

How to Fix (Desync)

This issue is caused by desync in a multiplayer game, in the next update devs are upgrading the game engine to UE5 and are hoping to fix some of these issues.

Please make sure that the player with the best PC specs and network connection/strength/reliability is the host.

Tips to reduce the effects of desync:

  • Drive slowly when getting back to the Ranch, to give it time to load for everyone
  • The host should drive where possible if the client is having issues with the vehicle, especially if it flies off into the air
  • Stop the vehicle fully and wait a few seconds before the client gets out, to prevent them from teleporting a distance away
  • Please make sure your PC is up to date, and you’re not doing anything else that uses your network’s bandwidth (eg streaming, or anyone else in the house accessing it)
  • Limit framerate in the settings (eg to 60)

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