Ravenbound – Guide to Card Types and Using Strategy

This guide gives a basic overview of card types, and the strategic use of cards and fragments.

Deckbuilding & Card Synergies

Card Types

We have Bounty cards for instant effects, Relic cards for passive bonuses, and Equipment cards for weapons and armor.

Examples of Bounty Cards

Examples of Relic Cards

Examples of Weapon and Armor Cards

Mana is essential for playing cards, so managing it wisely is key. You can find Mana cards in chests, loot Mana from Pillars in the Tears of Hatred, or play the Key of the Strong card to maintain your resources.

Cards come with Suits like Sky, Fire, or Ice, which correspond to the Fragments needed to draw them. Engage the right enemies to collect the desired Fragments. As you progress, you’ll encounter more challenging Elite enemies that drop higher rarity Fragments, leading to even more powerful cards.

Earth, Air, Fire, Ice, Spirit

Unlocking Cards

Chests provide another way to obtain cards, particularly Bounty cards. The rarer the chest, the higher the card quality. And don’t forget, Mana Chests guarantee Mana – an essential resource.

Increasing your Luck stat not only enhances items that require the Lucky trigger but also improves your chances of finding high-rarity cards. Starting with an early Luck build can be a solid foundation for late game strategies.

Remember, you don’t unlock new cards during runs. Instead, you’ll unlock them between Lifetimes based on completed challenges. As you advance through the game, keep in mind that your build should be constantly evolving. Defeating the first Warden is just the beginning; there are two more Tears of Hatred ahead, filled with increasing amounts of mana for you to gain. So, plan your moves, think about where you’re going, and adapt your strategy to each new challenge.

By mastering the strategic use of cards and Fragments and adapting to the game’s dynamic gameplay, you’ll grow more powerful over time.

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