Ravenbound – How to Get Upgrades Early (Without Getting Hatred)

After playing 5 hours in, I managed to figure out a strategy to gain upgrades early, without tacking on that pesky Hatred!

Guide to Get Upgrades Early

  1. Clear first camp that right there, from the beginning point (Do your best to avoid taking any damage, if you do, mitigate the damage as best as possible!).
  2. Collect the two gems you get from enemy drop, and skip the first hatred chest (Not worth tacking on a Hatred slot, and most likely not be able to use a card in the proccess).
  3. Fly over to your first Tear(it the purple icon), and clear that to receive your third gem, along with gaining free 3 mana points!
  4. Upgrade your gems, and lucky picking for your first item!
  5. Clear nearby camps that have been cleansed, to receive your second and third upgrade without any Hatred tacked on!

Note: Eventually you will gain Hatred, but I found this to be the best strategy to prolong it and get a good early start on your build before you gain your first Hatred. I don’t know if there a way to cleanse them but atm this is working for me! Good luck guys, and hopefully as time progresses the game becomes better and better!

Egor Opleuha
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