Re-Volt – All Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

List of cheat codes and how to apply them.

Guide to Console Commands

How Do Cheat Codes Work?

  • To use the code, enter it in the name wheel and press enter.
  • Then you can go back and enter your normal name if you want.
  • All effects applied by the codes, will be available until you restart the game.

Cheat Codes List

Cheat code / Effect

  • CARNIVAL – Unlocks every available vehicle in the game.
  • TRACKER – Unlocks every available track in the game.
  • URCO – Unlocks UFO vehicle.
  • SADIST – Ability to choose the weapon during the race (Right shift).
  • CHANGELING – Ability to change the car during the race (Page Up/ Page Down).
  • DRINKME – All cars become tiny.
  • TVTIME – Unlocks two new cameras. F5 – TV camera. F6 – Free camera (Controlled with mouse).
  • JOKER – Every player has the same vehicle in multiplayer mode.
  • MAKEITGOOD – Enables in-game developer track editor.
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