Re-Volt – Steam Deck Setup Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Tarquin Barrell!

Here’s how to make Re-Volt work on your Steam Deck in few easy steps.

Guide to Steam Deck Setup

Steam Deck Setup Steps

  • Plug in a mouse and keyboard… …or use Steam+Leftdpad for back and Steam+Rightdpad for OK.
  • Go into Desktop Mode.
  • Navigate to steamapps/common/re-volt.
  • Edit the gameux.cmd
  • Change ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight to 1280 and 800, respectively.
  • Save the file and restart into game mode.
  • Leave game set to default Proton compatibility.
  • Launch game.
  • Press Steam button and change controller template to WASD Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Use the DPAD to navigate to controller settings in-game.
  • Change controller in-game to XBOX360.
  • Use Y on the deck or ESC on the keyboard to go back as you navigate the menus.
  • Press Steam button – Controller templates – pick default controller template.
  • Settings in-game, set graphics to 1280 X 800 and 24 bit.
  • Quit the game, re-load, enjoy!
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