Realm Royale – Unable to Launch Game Bug Fix

Unable to launch Realm Royale? Computers with 10th generation+ CPUs will not launch Realm Royale. Follow the steps below to start playing Realm Royale again!


If you are already familiar with Realm Royale and its mechanics, feel free to skip straight to the “Bug Fix” section.

Now, what is Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is a battle royale published by Hi-Rez Studios. It started as a spin-off of Paladins originating as a Limited Time Event (LTE) called Paladins Battlegrounds. The game is currently in its beta stage.

A Basic Overview

There are currently three standard gamemodes: Solo, Duo and Squad. At the start of the match, players must choose one of four available classes (Warrior, Assassin, Hunter and Mage). A fifth class (Engineer) was hugely popular during Realm Royale’s launch, but has been permanently removed due to balancing issues. Each class can forge predetermined weapons and abilities to allow for a unique gameplay experience.

Before the match properly begins, all players will spawn in the Zeppelin. During this time, players can switch classes, discuss strategy, and emote. After everyone has loaded in, all players will skydive onto the map. Teammates can utilize markers to ping their intended drop site. Additionally, each teammate’s location will be visible to their team regardless of the members’ location.

Once safely dropped, players can choose from a plethora of strategies. Strategies include seeking out enemy players and looting nearby chests. Seeking out enemy players is high-risk, high-reward while looting nearby chests is low-risk, low-reward. Choose a strategy that suits your gameplay and skill level while simultaneously setting you up for success.

Once you have gathered enough shards by killing enemy players or looting chests, you will be able to craft or upgrade your equipment at a forge. Locate forges by finding the hammer and anvil icon on the map. Beware: enemies are commonly found by forges.

When a player loses all of their hitpoints, they are turned into chickens. Downed players will automatically recover from chicken status after a specified amount of time. Try to dodge, run, and hide until your recovery. If a player is killed while chickened, they will die. Defeated players will leave behind all of their items. Players can be revived at a forge by their teammates.

As time goes by, a deadly fog will encircle the map in waves. The fog will damage all players at an increased interval until one team remains. A counter can be found underneath the minimap to inform players when the next wave will occur. Additionally, a countdown of active players can be found.

The last player or team standing will win the match.

Bug Fix

Alright, now for the section everyone has been waiting for. Unfortunately, Realm Royale has not had a major update in quite some time now. Due to current bugs between Realm Royale’s code and 10th generation+ processors, many users are unable to launch Realm Royale. Hopefully Realm Royale will address the issue in the future, but for now, follow these steps.

  • Search for “Edit the System Environment Variables” on your computer.
  • Once opened, click “Advanced” and “Environment Variables”.
  • Click “New”.
  • For variable name, put “OPENSSL_ia32cap”. For variable value, put “~0x200000200000000”. Don’t forget that copy and paste still exists!
  • Click “Okay”.

Realm Royale should run perfectly. I always recommend restarting just to be safe, but you should be all good to go.

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