Realms of Magic – How to Plant Trellis Seeds (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peas)

Can’t figure out how to plant these? Check this out.

Guide to Plant Trellis Seeds

The One (and Only) Section


There are different types of seeds: (basic) Seed, Bush, Tree, and trellis.

Regular seeds you just plop in the ground.

Bush trees need a small gap between one another.

Tree Seeds make a tree you pluck fruit from. Simple enough.

Then there’s trellis seeds. If you’re like me, you probably played for way too many hours and tried planting these once or twice before chucking them in a box/chest and forgetting about them. (Too bad you need them for cooking!). It’s actually quite simple, but some people may have overlooked it, so, here’s a guide.

Trellis seeds need to grow on a trellis. You probably seen the word before. You do get it very early and the item isn’t needed immediately.

How to get trellis

Trellis are made at your work bench. For the small price of sticks and nails, you can craft one.

How to use trellis

Trellis are technically “Decorations”, so they stick to walls. After that you can use your hoe on the soil to plant a trellis seed in front of the trellis, or use fertilized soil (highly recommended). Keep in mind, these seeds have a long grow/regrow timer, so I’d recommend stashing these until you have sufficient fertilizer.

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