Realms of Magic – Useful Tips & Tricks

Some perhaps less-than-well-known facts about Realms of Magic.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can craft directly using ingredients inside chest inventory. Outer limits of the container must be placed at up to 6 tiles from the crafting station for this to work. For a typical two-size chest this leave 4 tiles between the crafting station and the chest.
  • You can sprint by Double Tapping the direction you want to Sprint.
  • Bind “Interact” to MouseWheel Down (or Up) to easily harvest in mass while Sprinting (only work with Double Tap sprint). Left-click at the same time for simultaneous planting and harvesting.
  • The above also allow to loot/bury multiple corpse in a split second if the loot windows is properly placed.
  • Tiles can be rotated used the “E” key.
  • Use Alt-Click to reserve an inventory spot for an item. This square will turn blue. This work for your own backpack as well as containers. To remove the reserved spot, remove the item and Right-Click.
  • You can mine and place terrain blocks on the second layer of the game world. To mine simply select your multi-tool and Right-Click a second-layer block. Similarly to place a block on the second layer select a terrain block normally then Right-Click.
  • You can’t directly sort Crafting recipes by most experience given. However if you use any of the filters (icons to the left of the crafting window, under “All”) the various sub-sections themselves will be largely ordered from least to highest experience given. Useful to level up your crafts.
  • High enough Herbalism & Farming skills allow you to sometime farm multiple seeds at once.
  • Earthshatter (Lvl10 Mace mastery passive) has an hidden propriety: If you hold your weapon back for 2-3 second you can Earthshatter on your first strike/skip the build up to the third attack.
  • Crafting Stations of the same type only vary in appearance, not in function.
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