Recipe for Disaster – Second Mission Useful Tips

This guide will show you some useful hints to beat mission 2 in the Recipe for Disaster game.

Tips for Second Mission

Firstly First

As with everything in life, people get better the more they do something. To level up grilling, they have to grill.

Hints and Tricks

  • It’s critical that you assign employees to stations based not only on their skills but their likes and dislikes (the heart symbols are the indicators for this).
  • Have specialists. If someone likes grilling, have him only grill and nothing else.
  • Know that levelling up is slow, might happen once per campaign.
  • Raise ambiance, give what people want.
  • Popularity grew faster when you put requests dishes (from reviews) on the menu. So don’t add multi-step dishes with a bunch of sides when your fryer cook is only level 2 or 3. That raises the quality of the dish and gets people coming back.

Alternative strategy

As far as cleaning, probably best solution was to keep checking the applicants until you find someone who loved cleaning and was a 4-5 rating in that skill. Then you need to create zones over the entire restaurant, assigned your cleaner as #1 in each zone (and no other tasks), and lowered the cleaning threshold to 25% everywhere. With that set up, every time someone gets up from a table or uses a toilet, the cleaner springs into action. It makes for a lot of positive reviews – they may hate the food but they love the clean restaurant.

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