Recompile – 5 Endings Save Files

Back up save before Restoring System. You do not need to search for all 50 memories to access 5th ending.

Save Files for 5 Endings

Back up your own save files first!

They can be found at:

  • C:\Users\user_name\AppData\LocalLow\Phigames\Recompile

Download my files from here

Disable Steam Cloud sync!


The good thing – you do not need to restart the game after each ending.

Just fastscroll through the credits and proceed to another choice.

There are coloured areas (like the one in a screenshot below) with a button to press.

Activate one and fly into the central orb to get a colour related achievement.


  • Complete the game with an ICO-Centric AI

Scorched Earth

  • Complete the game with a TET-Centric AI


  • Complete the game with an OKT-Centric AI


  • Complete the game with a HEX-Centric AI

Press all buttons and fly into the Orb to get Singularity achievement.


  • Restore all Memories and complete the game with a Balanced AI

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