Red Dead Redemption 2 – Bountiful Achievement/Trophy Guide

One of the achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Bountiful. It requires surviving for 3 in-game days with a wanted poster in 5 states, with a minimum bounty of 250 RDO$ in each state. The achievement is relatively simple, requiring only a large amount of ammunition.

How to Obtain Bountiful Achievement/Trophy

All credit goes to Strzelec!


To achieve this achievement, I suggest approaching it during the epilogue – at that point, we will have a better understanding of the game, the ability to carry a large amount of ammunition, improved attributes (health, stamina, and dead eye), the ability to carry 2 revolvers, and unlocked best weapons.

As mentioned in the introduction, the achievement involves surviving for 3 in-game days with a wanted poster in 5 states:

  • New Austin
  • West Elizabeth
  • New Hanover
  • Ambarino
  • Lemoyne

If you attempt to achieve this before the epilogue, you can skip New Austin.


Most importantly! Before starting the attempt, disable autosave if you don’t want to lose the honor you have earned earlier – the achievement involves significant loss of honor due to numerous crimes committed in the game. So, is it already disabled?

  • I recommend stocking up on a large quantity of medicines and other substances that restore health and other attributes – law enforcement will have a harder time fighting us, and it will be easier for us to escape once we reach the required wanted level.
  • The choice of weapons is highly individual, but personally, I used 2 LeMat revolvers, a bolt-action rifle, and an Evans repeater. Use express ammunition. After losing the pursuit in one state, we can easily restock.

Once you’re ready, I suggest starting the “adventure” in New Austin (or West Elizabeth, then skip the next section).

New Austin

New Austin is a desert area in the western part of the map. There are 2 towns in the state: Tumbleweed and Armadillo.

I suggest heading to Armadillo due to the shorter escape route from the state, and then starting a shootout. Lawmen will be notified quite quickly. Killing a lawman will result in a higher bounty than killing a regular NPC.

Once you’ve reached the required bounty on the wanted poster, simply escape to the neighboring state (West Elizabeth).

West Elizabeth

In West Elizabeth, there are 2 towns: Blackwater and Strawberry. If you’re attempting the achievement before the epilogue, I suggest utilizing the area around Strawberry.

I recommend taking a position on a rooftop or other convenient spot where we can focus on defending against attacks from only one direction – this will make survival easier.

Start the “fun” with a shootout until the sheriff is alerted. Once the pursuit starts, engage in a fight with the lawmen – eliminating each one will result in a higher bounty on the wanted poster than killing a regular NPC. After reaching the required bounty, escape to the neighboring state (New Hanover or Ambarino, I suggest the latter).

The subsequent stages are identical to the example mentioned above, only the location changes. At this point, I suggest moving directly to the guide’s summary.


Ambarino is the most time-consuming location due to the lack of a town – lawmen are likely to lose us frequently.

However, a railway line passes through the area where we can ambush a train and instantly gain a high wanted level. The location of the tracks is shown below.

Then, proceed to New Hanover.

New Hanover

In New Hanover, there are 3 towns: Valentine, Van Horn, and Annesburg.

After completing the tasks, move on to Lemoyne.


The last area is Lemoyne, where you can find 2 towns: Rhodes and Saint Denis.

Repeat what we did earlier.


After achieving the required RD$ 250+ bounty for our head in all 5 states (or 4 if attempting it before the epilogue), we need to lose the pursuit and head to a safe place – I suggest the gang’s camp. You can also use the camp kit. Then, go to sleep for as long as possible. After waking up, wait for a while, and then go back to sleep. Repeat this process until the achievement pops up.

That’s it, you can now enjoy another trophy.

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  1. New Austin is not a part of that achievement at all, since Arthur has no access to it.

  2. you, cant have 1000 dollars on your head in chapter 2… the max bounty goes up 200 dollars each chapter… if youre gonna lie make it believable you moron

  3. Huh? I did this while in Chapter 2. Very freaking easy.
    It’s like not even remotely hard. I had it on $1000 in all 5 states.

    What is harder, well not really hard per-say but just very annoying to complete were the 18 Grizzly Bear attacks. You basically have to go seek them out. They are easy enough to kill though. But sometimes they won’t spawn or the bear comes running up to you and instead of jumping on you like it should to start the attack, which you must win, it sometimes glitches and just slaps you, killing you instantly.

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