Redfall – Guide to Perk Costs and Suggestions

If you’re an idiot like me, you can’t do quick maths. So here’s some quick information (and some recommendations) that should do the math for you and (hopefully) help spare you some time and brain power when choosing perks.

Perk Costs and Suggestions

Quick Numeric Info for Level Benchmarks

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All relevant numbers are bold, relevant info is underlined. Hopefully this helps skimming.

So as you can see above, I’ve selected just about every baseline perk you can acquire in the game. A few of them are left blank, but that’s because I’ve purposely deselected any baseline perk that would be useful ONLY in co-op. This Hero currently sits at Level 21, so obviously they’ve been leveled 20 times.

This means that (assuming all Hero’s have the same number of useful and useless perks in their trees) it will take 20 level ups to purchase all of the useful baseline perks.

From this point onwards, perks will need 2 perk points to be purchased (which sucks nuts but whatever.)

Purchasing all of the Second Tier Perks will require a whopping total of 18 points, almost as much altogether as the Baseline perks cost you. If you spent them by tier, this means in order to have all useful Baseline Perks and Second Tier Perks, your Hero will need to be Level 39.

Each of the Capstone Perks costs 3 perk points each AND requires that the rest of the Perk Tree has been completed. Purchasing all of the Capstone Perks at this point would cost an additional 9 Perk Points, meaning your Hero will need to be at Level 48.

You will have absolutely finished the game before you ever reach that point.

So lets delve into some more specific costs. Each Perk Tree is useful in its own way, but you’ll discover pretty quickly which ones you value the most. Considering that most of the Hero Powers are busted as they are and also require a resource to use, you’ll probably just want to focus on the basic cooldown-oriented abilities first. Determine which one is the more useful of the two, or just get the baseline perks for both, and then start powering through one of them and ignore the other.

If you followed the above suggestion, a single Perk Tree will cost you 12 perk points. This means that you could feasibly max out one of your skills by level 13, which is much more bearable than waiting until the end of the game. A second tree will necessitate you being level 25, which is very late mid-game, or just straight up end-game territory.

Buying all of the ammunition skills is 6 total perk points, and considering how useful they can be for certain weapons, you’ll probably invest in atleast two of them, which will consume 4 perk points. Keep in mind that they are by no means necessary, but are just REALLY useful; most ammo pickups you find are pitiful, and barely enough to let you get by without restocking at a shelter.

Each character has their own unique perks they can buy, but luckily they only cost 1 perk point each. These are really up to you on whether or not you need them, but buying all of them would be another 4 perk points. Assuming you’re a solo player, buying the useful character perks should only cost 3 perk points.

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  1. i recommend putting in 36 to abilities 2 in unique perks like the headshot and melee damage 1 in long range ammo and 1 in stake/uv/flare gun ammo… lockpicks and hacking devices are everywhere and passive health regen isn’t necessary with health packs

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