Remnant 2 – How to Overcome Empathy on Mother Mind

Tips to Overcome Empathy

Empathy can be overcome with a medic or dog healing/tanking. It is very hard to deal with early in the game where you dont have alot of scrap to but items to heal instead or mods that can heal.

Tips are:

  • Dog healing.
  • Medic healing in group (the best probably).
  • Consumables to heal.
  • Healing grenade mod for 1500 gold in town.
  • Mudtooth tonic that gives you .75% passive hp regen a second.

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  1. I Just had a 4h 37m battle with Faelin before I beat him with power level 4, and the starter gun with 4 upgrades on it. Just get better at the mechanics of the bosses

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