Remnant 2 – How to Unlock Archon Archetype

Secret Archetype: Archon

The Archon Archetype is unlocked by obtaining the material known as the Strange Box.

To acquire the Strange Box, players need to first locate a locked door in The Labyrinth. The Master Portal Key is needed to unlock this door and can also be found within The Labyrinth. Be warned, however, the player must first be afflicted with the CORRUPTED status for the key to reveal itself.

Once the player has secured the Master Portal Key and opened the door, the Strange Box will be waiting inside.

With the possession of the Strange Box, players can unlock the mysterious and powerful Archon Archetype, the master of Weapon Mods and Mod Power generation.


  1. i didnt think about farming corrupted crystals and going there. Worth a shot if anyones bored enough to amass, well, maybe 100? reasonable but grindy which sounds about right for the intended difficulty of obtaining. Best place to do that would probably either be Losom for executioner or the guy in the shed or what I discovered on Yaesha, the palace area with the giant root butterfly Aberration Mandagora also has another aberration encounter, a pair of dudes in a tomb at the lower part of the level. So thats 3 in one area.

    i tried a bunch of things today myself, hitting it with charged attack from labyrinth staff, friend used the defrag weapon mod and picked up the Glitch sphere and went over to it after killing an enemy with the mod, going over as invader and its set. Nada.

    Since its a labyrinth gate, i wonder if you can go somewhere else to corrupt the quest item that opens the other gates. The only other things I can think of is using labyrinth staff around different areas like Dreamcatcher for secrets or maybe going to final boss arena and jigging something there.

    My last idea is you need a unique version of data corruption status that lasts indefinitely, ala like how you needed Parasite in Remn 1 for queen and Yargosh. The ones in root earth literally just lasts a second, so it has to be somth unique.

  2. In some sources it says “corrupted master key”, and in some point of story I remember aim when aiming at Keeper turns yellow (not green or red), and we get our Biome key from him, so… Maybe we can fight with him somehow at this point (using fragmented mod?) and get “corrupted master key”?..

  3. Maybe… Just maybe it’s not an status effect but instead maybe we have to do something to corrupt the Labyrinth instead?

    • As far as I know, all we got from the datamine was that we need to “have corruption”.
      Could be a corrupted portal key, or just about anything.

      Hopefully we’ll get some info when the game releases and NDAs stop.

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