Rescue Party: Live! – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms is Rescue Party: Live! available on?

  • You can play Rescue Party: Live on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Does Rescue Party: Live! offer crossplay functionality?

  • Yes, Rescue Party: Live offers crossplay functionality between Steam and the Epic Games Store.
  • To activate it in game go to Settings > Game > turn “on” the “Bind Epic Account to CrossPlay” function.

How many players does the game support?

  • Up to four players. You can play alone, or with up to three friends both offline and online.

Is the controller supported in Rescue Party: Live?

  • Yes, you can use the controller to play Rescue Party: Live.
  • To avoid some of the known issues, we recommend you to plug in the controller before starting the game.

The game has been tested successfully with the following controllers:

  • Xbox 360 standard controller
  • PS4 standard controller
  • 8bitdo Pro 2

You can check the default key/button mapping by using Pause during gameplay.

In general any Windows compatible controller should work.

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