Resident Evil 4 – All Merchant Requests Guide

This is a simple guide for all of the merchant’s requests in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Requests are found everywhere in the world and require the player to do some tasks and get rewarded with Spinels. Here’s where to find all 19 requests of the game.

Request 01 – Blue Medallions

This request is at the very start of the game, after the village encounter in Chapter 1

You’ll find the first one on the little house with the typewriter inside of it. pretty much impossible to miss.

Inside the shack with the cows and pigs inside of it, the second medallion will be waiting.

Near that same shack, on the roof, the third medallion.

Hanging on this spot in the big barn where you find the gear you need to progress.

Finally, the last one will be hanging by this little platform on the windmill. You can shoot it through the balcony of the barn.

Request 02 – Rats

This request is at the beginning of chapter 2, right at the start.

I suggest clearing this area beforehand and get your gear back before doing this one.

There are 3 rats you need to kill to get the request.

Two of the rats are in the main section of the abandonned factory. You’ll hear them move

In the corridor leading to the door to leave the factory, the last rat will be waiting. Again, you’ll hear them.

Request 03 – Vipers

For this one, you’ll need to sell 3 vipers to the merchant. They’re found in destructible crates or in the environement.

There is one right after the village’s door, when the tower shatters. Crate is to your left once you enter.

In a little shack on the bridge to go to the lake.

This one is very tricky, it will roam near the platform where you found the medal for the fifth request, but i’ve been through this area a few times and found it at different locations. Just kill all the enemies in the area and look around.

Edit: I found 4 vipers hanging around this spot lol, if you miss one no worries

After getting all 3, go sell them to the merchant before chapter 4 and you’re all set.

Request 04 – Tombstone Signs

You’ll need to find and destroy 2 signs on tombstones in the church’s graveyard. Probably the easiest one.

Find the two tombstones glued together and destroy the sign in the middle. Free stuff.

Request 05 – Blue Medallions 2

Another medallion request, this one is harder because they’re hidden in a much bigger area than the last one.

First is hanging from a tower in El Gigante’s Boss Arena (if you’ve never played the original, listen to him breath and you’ll know where he is)

Right before falling out of the wooden bridge, in a flooded village, you’ll find the second medallion hidden behind this wall

Continue through the area and you’ll find this third medallion hanging from this wall, near an enemy.

Again, in the same area, under a wooden platform and near a treasure chest.

Right under the platform where the boat is, you’ll need to go there to advance in the story so you shouldnt miss it

Request 06 – Golden Egg

For this one, you’ll need to find the golden egg treasure and sell it.

It is located on a small island accessible with the boat in chapter 4. Just go through and kill the chickens, egg should be laying down with them.

Request 07 – Big Bass

Very easy one to get aswell. You’ll only need to sell a big bass. Very easy to find

Near the shack where you started chapter 4, you’ll find the fish. Kill him, take him and sell him to get your reward.

Request 08 – Extermination

This one should not cause you any issue, simply go to the manor of the village’s chief, get out and you’ll see a werewolf. Go back to the main village (where you had the first encounter in chapter 1) and you’ll have to fight it. Kill it and get your reward. EZ

Request 09 – Blue Medallions 3

Your first request of the castle, you’ll need to find and destroy 6 blue medallions (again) to get this one.

Before going to the stairs that lead to the gate of the castle (part where you get spammed with catapults), the first medallion is hanging from a tree

Once you go up and find the gate you’ll need to destroy with the cannon, theres a medallion in the distance. You might need a sniper to hit this one

On the corner where the cannon is, you’ll find the third medallion hanging from a wall

Right below that same area, to make the cannon go up, is the fourth medallion.

In your way to go back up and shoot the cannon, you’ll find a chest and some crates. Fifth medallion is at the left. Can’t miss it

Lastly, the last medallion is hanging from this little building near the cannon’s platform.

Request 10 – Blue Medallions 4

6 Blue Medallions are hidden throughout the grand hall of the castle. Follow the normal story road and you’ll find them hanging around

To your left once you enter the hall, you’ll find medaillion number one

Behind the hall’s statue with the missing heads, second emblem will be waiting

Go up the main hall once again and look at the chandelier, third emblem is hiding there

In the dinning room, the fourth emblem will be inside the last window of the right wall

Before your first encounter with the armored zombies, you’ll find the fifth emblem behind a black curtain

Last one is behind this pillar, you’ll find it after beating the small encounter and getting to the last head

Request 11 – Rats

Same time as the blue medallions 4, you’ll need to find and kill 3 rats between the library and the grand hall. First Two Rats are in Chapter 9 and the last one is in chapter 10.

First Rat is right at the entrance of the dinning hall

In the hallway after the armored zombies encounter, the one leading to the chest, you’ll find the second rat

Continue the story like normal in chapter 10 and you’ll hear the final rat in the libary, where you had the Ashley section.

Request 12 – Extermination 2

You’ll need to find and kill a armored zombie miniboss for this one.

Go to the elevator where you were surrounded by armored knights in the Ashley section, he’ll be waiting for you. If you’re unsure, you can use your map to find it

Hint: Parry him and get behind his back to kill him quickly.

Request 13 – Nests

In Chapter 11, after the train section, you’ll find the request to destroy 4 nests.

Nests are located in the middle of the hive section, and look like this.

The three others look like this.

Destroy them and get your reward.

Request 14 – Stripped Emerald

For this one, you’ll need to find and sell the stripped emerald in the courtyard area of the castle.

Shoot this crow nest near the merchant,s location in the courtyard and pick up the treasure. (It’ll be in front of the merchant’s door) Sell the treasure and get your reward.

Request 15 – Ramon’s Portrait

For this request, you’ll need to damage Ramon’s Portrait in the Throne Room

For the request, it is very important that you DO NOT KILL the chickens in the room!

Wait for them to lay down a egg for you, take it and then throw it on this painting.

Request 16 – Blue Medallions 5

Again, you’ll need to find and destroy 5 medallions in chapter 14. They’re all very close to each other in the container depot.

To your right after entering the container depot.

Same area, right above.

Near a crate and a few ammo will be the third medallion.

In the first enemy encounter of the depot, the fourth medallion will be on the right wall, in the corner of a container.

Finally, the last one is on this little tower as you are leaving the area.

Request 17 – Rats 3

In the sewers with Ashley, there will be the 17th request. This one is kind-of secret because i discovered it while killing a rat by complete accident during an enemy encounter. Accidentally killed the first two rats in those screenshots but look where i’m aiming at.

Right when you arrive at the section, the first rat will be waiting.

Second one is right before the bridge.

After the bridge, behind the pillar.

Last one will be in this corner in the part where you can switch the power.

Request 18 – Extermination 3

For this request, you’ll need to go back to the incubation lab and fight a mini-boss. Going back there should be easy after the crane sequence, because of the shortcut you’ll be able to open.

Kill him and get your reward. Easier with the thermal Scope obviously.

Request 19 – Blue Medallions 6

Finally, for our last request, we’ll need to destroy 5 medallions (for the last time!)

Right after the helicopter crash, go down a yellow ladder and you’ll find 3 medallions hanging around the zone. This is the first one.

Look over you and you’ll find the second one.

The third one has to be the hardest to find in the entire game. Its hidden outside in a narrow corner.

Leave the chest area and look over you where you started after the cutscene. 4th medallion will be there.

Right as you go through the door to progress the story, you’ll find your last medallion to your left.

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