Resident Evil 4 – Beginners Tips (Chainsaw Demo)

I’ve seen many people struggling with the demo, so here is some things the game doesn’t tell.

Tips for Newcomers

  • You can do a knife como by just pressing the “attack” button without aiming, this also works for parrying
  • Yes, you can parry, not just by pressing the “ready knife” button on the right time just before been hit, but by the way mentioned on the first tip, or by just holding your knife ready, if you’re facing an enemy while holding the knife, it will auto parry.

Note that all parries aren’t the same. Yeah, you can hold the parry and get a deflect, but it’s more of a block than anything. Hitting the parry right before the enemy hits you will stagger them and allow you to follow up with a melee attack, so having the right timing is important.

  • You can dodge by pressing the crouch button slightly before been hit, works only for some attacks, chainsaw included.
  • This is obviously, but, yes, shoot heads or knee’s for a “contextual” kick prompt, is good for save ammo, and for crowd control.
  • This is it guys, I’ve found the demo rather easy, is about getting hold of the mechanics, remember, enemies can get caught on their own bear traps, even the chainsaw dude, they also can hit each other, use that to your advantage.
  • Stealth is always a win, and is good for easy disposing some enemies só u face less of then.
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