Resident Evil 4 – Chapter Par Time Guide


I noticed that no-one on the internet made a guide on how long you should take for each chapter. Being curious and a little helpful, I ended up putting together this VERY ROUGH chapter par time. To see if you’re on track, check the bottom left of the pause screen.

Note: Reloading a save/checkpoint from a death does add time.

Chapter Par Time

Hardcore/professional has half seconds for every other chapter. To make it easier to read, I will be alternating between rounding up and down.

Note: If you are doing Professional, then you can only save the game 15 times on top of doing this under 5:30:00 hours.

ChapterAssistedStandardHardcore / Professional
Chapter 10:15:000:18:450:20:38
Chapter 20:30:000:37:300:41:15
Chapter 30:45:000:56:151:01:52
Chapter 41:00:001:15:001:22:30
Chapter 51:15:001:33:451:43:08
Chapter 61:30:001:52:302:03:45
Chapter 71:45:002:11:152:24:22
Chapter 82:00:002:30:002:45:00
Chapter 92:15:002:48:453:05:38
Chapter 102:30:003:07:303:26:15
Chapter 112:45:003:26:153:46:52
Chapter 123:00:003:45:004:07:30
Chapter 133:15:004:03:454:28:08
Chapter 143:30:004:22:304:48:45
Chapter 153:45:004:41:155:09:22
Chapter 164:00:005:00:005:30:00


  1. Rad. I keep spacing out my playthroughs over months so I don’t burn out and I keep forgetting what my third or fourth Assisted pistol and knife-only run for the wolf tail time needs to be so this helps. I’m 2:30ish near the end of chapter 9. Should be able to still get it though.

  2. you can finish this in 4 hours? I’m five hours in and I’m at Chapter 4. I guess I like to go around every corner for bits and pieces.

    • Yeah the four hour speed run looks very scary. On my very first playthrough it took me 15 hours.

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