Resident Evil 4 – Fatal D3D Error (Fix) / How to Play on a Simple Laptop

It’s quite simple. If you don’t have enough graphic cards / CPU / (whatever) to play the game yet, and you got the Fatal D3D Error: Here’s 3 steps of the solution!


  1. First, go to the folder where the file “re4.exe” is located.

Right click on the application/>properties/>compatibility. In there, set compatibility to Windows Vista.

To locate the file you can go to steam library, RE4, right click on it, browse local files.

  1. On the windows bar, write it and search for ”Power Plan”. (It’s where you have config about your charger and energy. This is for those who plays on laptop.

So in the advanced settings you have to find the graphic settings of your graphic card. For example, if you use Intel core it’ll be named Intel Graphics.

In there, you gonna change the config to FULLPERFORMANCE. Or whatever it says in your language.

  1. In-game, of course, set the graphics to lowest. let VSYNC ON. But take off any shadows cache and everything else to Low. Also recommended playing on 1280×600 Resolution.

And that is all. You should be abble to get rid of that fatal error!

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