Resident Evil 4 – Knife Repair Cost: How It Work

Simple explanation before you pour money into “Crossing your T, dotting your I, that’s the way to be”.

Knife Repair Cost Explained

I broke my knife, so now what?

You probably broke your knife in chapter 1, then had to stuck with kitchen knife until chapter 2 where you finally able to repair your knife. But that’s a steep cost of 4000 pesetas, so you pay merchant since you can’t upgrade knife in broken state.

Repair it before it broke

You might had noticed that anytime you visit the merchant, the knife repair cost is nowhere near 4000 pesetas. They are usually below 3000 pesetas. In fact, you are charged 1000 pesetas less compare to fully broken knife. The image shows the knife in its last durability, and the repair cost is almost 3000 pesetas.

I only used the knife a little, so I went to merchant to get it repair

You might think: “Since broken knife add extra 1000 pesetas, I will just have to repair it every time I visit the merchant!” Nope, far from it. Merchant while he charge extra 1000 pesetas on broken knife, he also charge 1000 pesetas as the starter repair price. The image shows the knife after single stab usage. Merchant charge you 1000 starter price + the amount of durability you spent.

Upgrade durability to get better return in long run

So now you know that the knife repair has a 1000 starter price and 1000 broken price. The real price charge on durability of 1.0 is actually range of 2000 pesetas + starter price. For max Lv durability, combat knife feature durability of 2.2 which is repair cost range of 4400 + starter price.

Should you upgrade the knife damage? Its another topic to discuss. If you only use knife for parry and stealth kill, you will not need the knife damage upgrade.

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