Resident Evil 4 – Village Small Key Location Guide

Small Key Locations

Small Key #1 (Chapter 2)

After getting your gear back at the start of chapter 2, you then fight in the valley. In the far building on the first floor, a small case contains your first small key.

Map Location:

Small Key #2 (Chapter 2)

This one is right in the village chief’s house, by the front door!

Map Location:

Small Key #3 (Chapter 3)

In the fish farm, the small building next to where you get your gas for the boat.

Map Location:

Small Key # 4 (Chapter 4)

Use your boat to return to the lakeside settlement. You open the previously locked gate with the insignia key. Upon climbing the ladder you’ll find yourself in a small area where the opening sacrifice was made. The small key is on a cart in this area.

Map Location:

Small Key #5 (Chapter 4)

After getting the church insignia, enter the church. The small key is near the podium in the center of the church, where you do your dial puzzle.

Map Location:

Congrats! You have all five small keys for the village portion of the game! Don’t forget to claim your treasure, Stranger!

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