Resident Evil Re:Verse – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Achievement List

Most of achievements are self explanatory.

Raccoon City Survival Squad.

  • Place first in a match once each as Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, Ada, and Hunk.

You need to top 1 with every character. It doesnt matter the map.

Even if you disconnect, as long you were been in top 1, It counts for the achievement.

Mmmonster Kill.

  • Attain a kill streak of 5.

To keep the kill streak you either need:

  • Dont be killed or
  • Get a “revenge kill” as creature to keep the kill streak.

Knock ’em Dead.

  • Get 10 kills in a single match.

It counts kills as human or creature. You need 10 kills before match ends.

You’re Gonna Regret That.

  • Get a revenge kill as a creature twice in a single match.

When you get killed as human, you will turn into creature. As creature, you need to kill the player who killed you. I will have a skull over the head. Do that 2 times in a match.

The more “virus capsules” you take, the better creature you turn into.

I Only Like the Creatures.

  • Get killed as a human 5 times in a single match.

Just get killed 5 times as human.

A Rising Challenger.

  • Reach level 10 on the BattlePass.

In order to level up Battle Pass you need to complete “challenges”. When you complete a challenge you will be rewarded with certain amount of XP. Additionally you will get another challenge. So just keep doing challenges until you level up to 10.

Battle Pass has Free and Premium Levels. You level up both at same time, even if you didnt pay for Premium.

High Hopes for This One.

  • Complete the tutorial.

Once you open the game you will asked to complete tutorial. If you skipped it, it will be appear in Extras menu.

Newbie No More.

  • Raise your MMR to 1300.

You will be awarded with MMR depending of your score. So as long you keep positive your score, you will get MMR.

You get score with kills. You lose score with deaths.

Officer in Training.

  • Place in the top 3 in a match set in R.P.D.

In the map R.P.D make to top 3. It doesn’t matter the character.

Mold Buster.

  • Place in the top 3 in a match set in the Baker House.

In the map Baker House make to top 3. It doesn’t matter the character.

Finishing the Job.

  • Defeat another player with a creature’s finisher animation.

The creatures have 2 skills. LB button activates the Finisher Skill. All Finisher Animation are “instant kill”.

“Fat Molded” doesnt have finisher animation. It has “self-destruction”, but you can get the achievement even with that.

Depending of the number of “virus capsule” you hold is the creature you can turn into.

Hee-Hee-Hee Thank You!

  • Spend 10,000 RP.

RP is the currency. You get some RP, depending of your performance, at the end of match.


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  1. I am unable to get the Raccoon City Survival Squad to unlock. If anybody is willing to “boost” I can host a private match or whatever it’s called and try all the characters one by one.

  2. The advice you give to get “Raccoon City Survival Squad” doesn’t seem to work, or at least not for me

  3. Already did them all before seeing this, but rating this and awarding because I did not know that leaving mid-game in 1st place counted towards the achievement, I had all the wins done naturally (assuming they’ll fix that on full release the 28th) Hopefully others benefit from this!

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