Resonance of Fate / End of Eternity – Beginners Tips

Here you can find few useful tips for newcomers.

Tips for New Players

  1. Switch weapons between characters to get more levels (more HP and higher weight limit)
  2. Always place a machine gun user at the top (first character), that will allow you to start most fight with a hero action and receive a free Resonance point.
  3. When possible during boss fights, if there are easier / weakier enemies, try to keep some alive so that you kill them to recover Bezels (the points used for hero actions).
  4. Depending on the enemies, you can jump to hit all parts, or just stay on the ground and try getting Bonus Shots (these are VERY good if you can land them and can sometimes lead to turning all of an enemy’s HP into scratch / blue damage, on top of helping with leveling and money).
  5. When it comes to gun stats, in order of priority (i don’t remember the exact names of these):
  • Max ammo.
  • Accel (2nd icon, the more accel the more often you can reach the highest possible damage for the weapon the character is using, sometimes it’s worth prioritizing accel over ammo too).
  • First charge (1st icon, this one is easy to increase and parts that increases it should also increase bullets speed and accuracy).
  1. Ammo case should always be on a machine gun user, as these gets the most benefit from using special rounds. Also, for the most parts Armor-percing rounds are OP, the game doesn’t give you much but know that sometimes you end boss fights in 2 hero actions with these. Using weaknesses via special rounds overall can help a lot (especially true for midgame & endgame).

Also not that for handguns until midgame you can just focus on First charge, as this is what you’ll need the most, basically you’ll usually just need one shot to get rid of all the scratch damage that was done with machine guns.

Overall the first boss shouldn’t give you much trouble, just don’t have all your characters in the same spot, try keeping your distances and don’t be afraid of using hero actions.

Focusing on breaking parts one at a time can be a good strategy as that should give you Bezels when doing enough damage or breaking them (it can be a good idea too cos’ some items only have a chance to drop when specific parts are broken).

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