Returnal – How to Prevent EOS from Installing on Launch

Guide to Prevent EOS from Installing on Launch


Easiest method

  1. Right click on Returnal – Go to properties and then local files.
  2. Click on browse – Returnal/Returnal/Binaries/Win64.
  3. Just rename “EpicOnlineServicesInstaller.exe” to “EpicOnlineServicesInstaller.ex”.

And now it should not break the game and force the install of this bloatware.


  1. In my case, it kept trying to install something on every start. I deleted Launcher.exe on the same folder and told me it was a required file. In the end, I created an empty txt file, changed the name and extension to Launcher.exe and the game starts without any issues and without any Epic interference.

    • that depends if it still forces the install each time upon launch. But this method works regardless if you already launched the geim

      • did it the same way. uninstall the eos app than i chance NoOperation=0 to 1 and no eos app finaly =)

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