Revita – How to Get the Room Fencing Blueprint

In the following guide I will show you where to find the Room Fencing blueprint and the easist way to get it. This guide helps you for your 100% completion of the game.

Guide to Get the Room Fencing Blueprint

Location of the Blueprint

To find the blueprint you just need to make your way to the right staircase when you start your game at the Memoria Station.

Go up the staircase.

And then run a little bit further to the right so you are no longer under the roof.

Now you have to climb up the roof from the right side to get to the blueprint.

Climbing Up to the Blueprint

Here are two methods which lead to sucess:

The first method is to Gun Boost yourself up on the rooftop.

The second method would be to try jumping until you can perform a walljump at the outside of the roof. This technique is hard to pull of and can cost some time. Try holding the jump button to perform the highest jump possible so you have a better chance to get the walljump.

Getting the Blueprint

Finally jump up the second roof and go to the tree in the middle of the building and you should see the blueprint.

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