RimWorld – 1.4 BioTech Organ Farm Guide

Using 1.4 and BioTech there is now the possibility of a amazingly good organ, blood, meat, and human leather farm. With the amazing power of growth vats.

Guide to 1.4 BioTech Organ Farm

Why would you want this

First things first, Their will be some things that are morally dubious so if that disturbs you, turn away now…

If you are still here good, We will be harvesting organs from children here so get ready.

What you need

Tech needed

  • Fertility procedure which requires electrical research.
  • Growth vats which needs micro electronics.

Pawns needed

  • One male colonist age 18 – 50.
  • At least one preferably more woman colonists, slaves, or prisoners witch are age 18 – 40.

Also their needs to be one doctor who is not your only woman.


  • Growth vats need 150 steel and 4 components. More vats the better.
  • Medicine is needed, Herbal works fine and a lot will be needed.

Getting started

To start perform the operation “Extract Ovum for IVF” on any woman who is within the age range.

Have your male Fertilize the Ovum and place it into the growth vats.

Once you can tell the gender of the child and they have aged up to child from baby proceed to the next two sections.


For a male all you need to do is take them out, remove one lung, one kidney, two blood packs then a heart or liver either way it does not matter.


Let the child age up till they become 18 so they can have the ovum operation.

Take them out then arrest them so they become a prisoner.

Perform the following operations, Peg leg left, peg leg right, Remove left leg, remove right leg. This makes then not able to resist or escape. Then remove one kidney, one lung, and set their prisoner settings to Hemogen farm.


Congrats, you now have a child organ harvesting facility, have fun and hope you enjoy your future.

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