RimWorld – Hunting Pro Tips

Are you playing in snow-biome like me? Your Marshall has only 20 on shooting and 0 on animals? These decent hunters always got in hospital badly wounded and crying why warg hate them? No more.

Tips for Hunting

Make sure to harvest all snow-berries to cook fine/lavish meals

You’re going to nail it, roger?


  1. Build storage for all of your foods.
  2. Just wait or eliminate by any means all snow-berries/heal roots and all other bushes, because it’s animals food.
  3. Prepare weapons/traps and everything you want to harvest meat and leather.
  4. Make sure even if its Tundra you have some hungry animals on map.
  5. Open door and let them sneak in. Shoot right after they trapped themselves in storage.

Big pro’s! Malnutrition – If your pawn weak as spoil potato or its possible group of hungry animals just make bite in empty trap-room and shut the door. (Be aware! Pigs can panic and mine your walls).


Some say the quest is irrelevant.

Do you listen to people from South? If you live in Ice Sheet you know shortages of animals right? If some quest from Tempered Forest appear – its your source of meat. Don’t hesitate and remember, you usually have 2.5 days before enemies arrive.

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