RimWorld – Ultimate War Crimes Guide

This is the ultimate Rim-guide on how to successfully commit mass war crimes on the Rim.

Definitive Guide to War Crimes

Before the Crimes Begin…

In most scenarios you will need a basic prison.

Since you aren’t familiar with the war crimes (basic RimWorld game play) I will include a small section on how to keep your prisoners of war.

Make your regular colony, where your colonists will sleep.

Completely separate (because the prisoners will get a little angy from missing limbs and organs) build a lobby. Make sure you can fit turrets in there at some point (behind embrasures if you’ve got the mod). Then make rooms off the sides of that lobby. Make them as big as you want, personally i like a 2×2 that has a bed off to the side and one single torch (regardless if its 25 degrees already or not).

There you have it! This is the room your subject will be kept in until one of three things happens.

  • He 1, dies a painful long death, supplying you with organs and limbs to sell.
  • He 2, somehow escapes after being filled with adrenaline because he’s missing kidneys.
  • He 3, gets saved (but i doubt this will ever happen).

War Crime #1 – Organ Harvesting

Ah yes, the classic and most known method of torture.

Once you’ve got yourself a nice little prisoner, go to his health tab and choose that juicy operations button and choose from a nice (but small) selection. Unfortunately you can only take Lungs, Livers, Kidneys and a Heart early on, but don’t worry with mods you can start taking a lot more!

What’s the best method of harvesting, you might ask? Well, I like to harvest a Kidney, then a Lung, and if they’re still alive their Liver. If by some magical twist of fate, they’re still alive, take their heart! They’ll die but eh, add it to the secret organ stockpile you’ve got more protected then your gold stockpile.

War Crime #2 – Fire Room

Get a large room, fill it with prisoner beds.

Make sure the walls and door are not flammable… But the floor and beds?? Eh not so much..

Throw a molotov in there and watch em burn.

It’s quick gruesome, I know, but they shouldn’t tried to have taken your organ stash!

War Crime #3 – Punch to Death

Every day, go into your prisoner’s small tightly compact room, and start beating the crap out of them with your bare fists.

That’s it. Watch them slowly deteriorate and become lesser and lesser alive every day!

To make this worse, you can also feed them just enough on a just barely survivable schedule.

War Crime #4 – Take Chase

Construct a large area where raiders can enter a big compound. This compound should be somewhat of a front entrance to your base, where you can completely close it in.. Once they’re inside.

Have a good defence so when the raiders bombard you, you’ll be fine. (You can just do this with sand bags at the main front door to your base).

Soon enough, In a big raid with more advanced factions, half of them will turn blue-named and run away!

Except, one of your pawns has ran round to the other entrance, and locked them in!

Now you play about with them, do what you like to kill them!

Yes, this is a war crime in real life.

War Crime #5 – Forced Canibbalism

The name is self explanatory. Set their food diet to human meat only..

Watch them go insane!

You can also do this with vegetarians, force them to eat meat!!

With some mods, where you can get animal-like humans, you can make them eat their own kind of animal!! I don’t think this gives any sort of debuff however.

War Crimes #6 – Prison Labour

Always tired of your colonists leaving the mining order for 2 in-game years because they were too busy crafting the chunks from the previous mine?

Don’t worry! Get the miners to do it for you, both tasks!

Yeah, after harvesting their organs, you can then force them to mind chunks and turn them into blocks! Cheeky isn’t it?

You can basically make prisoners run your colony for you, without the naughty little debuffs it gives!

Now your colonists just get to have recreation time all day, whilst prisoners hunt and cook their food, gather the resources to build their house and take care of them when they’re sick!

War Crimes #7 – Labour Extreme

It get’s worse…

With the quarry mod you can place a prisoner’s bed right next to a quarry… That’s it.

They are forced to wake up, work all day, sleep, and do that for the rest of their lives, contributing to your ever-growing silver/gold stockpile.

Even worse, shove a stone cutting bench next to the bed too and they’re even making blocks for you to build more quarry sites!

War Crime #8 – Meat Shield

Sand bags too OP right?

Can’t be bothered to build some barricades?

That’s alright, instead you can just enslave your prisoners, and force them to stand in a line for you!

Push forward towards the enemy, it’s fine you only lose 2/3 of a pawn, since the other 1/3 is sitting in your walk-in organ freezer

War Crime #9 – Drug Freak

Get them addicted to stupid drugs…

Then take them away!

This is pure evil, the absolute crackhead energy that this causes is unbelievable. Prisoners losing hands trying to break down that metal door, unknowingly to them, the drug they want isn’t even on the map.

Alternatively you can get them addicted to a drug, then get your pawns to smoke/use it infront of them. Even cheekier!

War Crime #10 – Peg Man

Take their limbs off and replace them with pegs….

Yeah that’s it, then release them off (after harvesting whatever organs you can).

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